eORCA025 mask files

Mesh mask

Sub bassins


In order to post process output file, a subbassin file has been built. It contains an atlantic, indian, pacific and southern ocean mask (Fig. 11).


Fig. 11 subbasin mask for eORCA025_subbassin_b0.2_v0.0

isf mask


In order to compute easily isf diagnostics (mean, melt …) a mask with one value per isf has been produced. The list making the link between the isf id and its name is in eORCA025_mskisf_c3.0_v0.0.txt. In addition to this, total melt for each ice shelf from Rignot is also added in the txt file.


as eORCA025_mskisf_b0.2_c3.0_d1.0_v0.0.nc

  • tools:
    • cdfisf_fill (./cdfisf_fill -f eORCA025.L121_mesh_mask_b0.3_c3.0_d1.0.nc -v isfdraft -l eORCA025_mskisf_c3.0_v0.0.txt -nc4 -o eORCA025_mskisf_b0.3_c3.0_d1.0.nc -ew -bf eORCA025_isfbnd_c3.0_v0.0.txt)

    • github.com:pmathiot/CDFTOOLS_4.0_ISF.git @ 5b6938c

  • compatibility:
  • path:
    • building directory: TOADD

    • file: